Thursday, August 28, 2008

Son of a Preacher Man

Former Fugee frontman Wyclef Jean's attempts to distract former Wavelength host Yasmine Weaver become more desparate and comical as this clip continues. He sings, he stares, he flirts and but doesn't get much more than a grin from Yas.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Children of Destiny

Although she's taking a step back in recent months to let her sister get some shine, Beyonce remains the MVP of the Knowles family and her former group Destiny's Child. I met them at the Impact Convention in Miami, Fl., back in 1999. Wavelength had a strict "No R&B" policy, back in the day, but the rules were bent for these young ladies and others followed in their path.

I had something clever for them to say that I wanted to use as a bumper. It didn't go the way I planned. Three of the four girls forgot, but B remembered ... half of it. You can hear my voice helping her out if you listen close.

This clip shows how strong the relationship was between these young ladies and also uncovers a previously unknown talent of LeToya's: talking through her teeth.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Soul Men

It's hard to process what happened this weekend. Actor and comedian Bernie Mac dies in a Chicago hospital from pnemonia on Saturday. Isaac Hayes,65, found beside a still-running treadmill at his home in Memphis on Sunday.

I was in Las Vegas last week and after a three hours of a high-pressure sales pitch for a mediocre resort, my wife and I were given free tickets to see George Wallace. Towards the end of his act, Wallace did a Bernie Mac impersonation. He admitted that it needed some work, but it was good enough to remind the audience how funny Mac's stand-up once was. Wallace moved on to the next joke without saying much about the comedian's condition. Perhaps he knew something he wasn't able to share.

Hayes and Mac have left a lot for us to remember them with. Along with Hayes' productions for other artists, solo work, Mac's television and film roles, they recently finished work on a film called "Soul Men," with Sam Jackson.