Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's The Rap Up. (Uk Edition.)

British rapper Mystro attempts his own wrap up, focusing on events that happened across the pond. Should he try again next year?

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's The Rap Up.

The last song to be released in 2009 is here. Skillz dissects another year in music and entertainment. Dig it.

Skillz - Wrap Up 2009

Friday, December 25, 2009

Robbery suggested as motive in rapper's shooting

The Richmond Times-Dispatch says that the two men who entered the recording studio where Michael R. Mitchell, 30, aka "Mike Ezie," was on Dec. 23 were trying to rob him.

Authorities said two males went into the building and left after Mitchell was shot. It was unclear what, if anything, was stolen. No arrests have been made.

UPDATE: Joseph Michael Rodriguez, Jr., 20, was found guilty of slaying Michael R. Mitchell, known as "Mike Ezie," on July, 14, 2010.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

South Richmond Rapper, Mike Ezie, Dies

Police are still withholding the name of local rapper killed in a recording studio last night. But sources say the victim was known as "Mike Ezie," a member of a collective of emcees known at the "Young Richmond Outcasts." Their songs include "Weirdo Stank," "Let the Cops Know Everything," and "My Buddy and Me." The group, which consists of ChiChi the Kid, Heir Borne, Jwrek, Jaesen K, Jay Dash, Real and Mike Ezie, incorporated the logo and spelling from the Atlanta rap duo, "Outkast."

One of his relatives spoke to the Richmond Times Dispatch: "This building was his life," White said on a snow-covered street outside Glenncroft. "He lived a superstar life right here in his own town. He didn't need Hollywood -- he had Hollywood right here."

The clips for "Boogie" and "By Myself," follow.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Richmond Rappers "Get" Locked Up

When today's Richmond Times-Dispatch announced that a group of local rappers had been arrested, I was skeptical. Did the cops find a CD-R with the name of a gang written on it in and assume that they had busted the next G-Unit? Well, not this time. "Get Money Green Brothers," sentenced yesterday, were certified aspiring artists, with myspace page, videos and a profile at

According to the Times-Dispatch report, the three members, "Big Get It,"P Get It" and "Little Get It" were allegedly "getting large quantities of cocaine, redistributing it in the Richmond area, and using the proceeds to support their music venture." Their conviction was the result of a four-year investigation, the article states. Some of their songs include, "I See U Looking,"Where Dey At," and "Disco Ballin'."

Here's some video from their myspace page. This is the clip for "Disco Ballin'"

Let's go shopping with the crew.

Here's what our local media had to say.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Check out the Phifer

Former Tribe Called Quest member Phife is respectful and polite in this 1999 discussion about the dissolution of one of hip-hop's greatest groups. But by the time he finished his solo debut, the five footer was singing a different tune about one of his former bandmates. He mocked Q-Tip's new look in his video for "Flawless," rocking an afro wig and purple bandanna for comic effect. If that wasn't enough, the lyrics included jabs at the group's former frontman: "Sing ballads if it's all about the Maxwell look ... Or a purple bandanna cause it matches your shawl?/Now tell me, what you rhymin' for?/This shit is all about flows, fuck a fashion show." If he felt that the commercial curve Tip's solo work took was tarnishing their legacy as a solid hip-hop crew, it would certainly be a valid concern.

Phife, after his lukewarm first release, faded away from the hip hop scene for awhile. He recently made news when he recovered from a kidney-related ailment and when the crew was honored by VH-1. In addition, he's featured on a mixtape tribute to De La Soul, which can be had here, and he video blogs over here.