Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Richmond Rappers "Get" Locked Up

When today's Richmond Times-Dispatch announced that a group of local rappers had been arrested, I was skeptical. Did the cops find a CD-R with the name of a gang written on it in and assume that they had busted the next G-Unit? Well, not this time. "Get Money Green Brothers," sentenced yesterday, were certified aspiring artists, with myspace page, videos and a profile at

According to the Times-Dispatch report, the three members, "Big Get It,"P Get It" and "Little Get It" were allegedly "getting large quantities of cocaine, redistributing it in the Richmond area, and using the proceeds to support their music venture." Their conviction was the result of a four-year investigation, the article states. Some of their songs include, "I See U Looking,"Where Dey At," and "Disco Ballin'."

Here's some video from their myspace page. This is the clip for "Disco Ballin'"

Let's go shopping with the crew.

Here's what our local media had to say.

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