Sunday, January 31, 2010

Skillz Rap Up Video Surfaces

Just came across this clip for the rap-up.

Chuck D Assembles Rappers for Hati Project

Public Enemy frontman Chuck D pulled together some of the artists from his Slam Jamz label, along with Son of Bazerk, to produce a album called KOMBIT pou HAITI (“coming together for the good of Haiti”).

The idea for the album was conceived in the hours after the disaster. “I think that in this age of technology and communication we can come together with extraordinary urgency to address an emergency like this,” said Chuck D. “Since many cannot be there to physically help, the gift of music is something that realized we can give for fundraising efforts." Proceeds from the sale of KOMBIT pou HAITI benefit the Lambi Fund of Haiti, an organization dedicated to helping Haitian communities rebuild and recover through building economic community enterprises.

Here's a track listing:
1. This Bit of Earth Mistachuck featuring Kyle Jason and DJ Johnny Juice Rosado 2. Help Is On The Way Heet Mob 3. Knockin' On The Lord's Hi-Coup 4. Find My Way Home Kyle Jason 5. Faith Dontique 6. La Misere Lowdown 7. Why Y'all Wanna Kill GOD? Professor Griff featuring The Seventh Octave 8. Raise Up Son of Bazerk 9. Candela Pa'lo Monte


Friday, January 22, 2010

Rapper Apache Dies

Former Flava Unit MC and Queen Latifah ghost writer Apache died today. The rapper was known for his Q-Tip produced hit "Gangsta Bitch."

I met Apache at the apex of his popularity, when his single was hot and he was in demand. It's probably not a good time to tell that story, so let's just think good thoughts.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wyclef Gives the 411 on Yele Haiti

Former Fugee and guitarist Wyclef Jean might be the most famous living Haitian. So when an earthquake ravaged Port Au Prince recently, killing thousands of people, many eyes turned to the singer. But some of those looking at Jean's charity organization, Yele Haiti, did so with a critical glance.

The Smoking Gun reports that the organization has been lax in filing its records with the Internal Revenue Service. It also alleges that some of the charity's funds have been channeled to businesses that Jean controls: As seen on the following pages from the foundation's 2006 tax return, the group paid $31,200 in rent to Platinum Sound, a Manhattan recording studio owned by Jean and Jerry Duplessis, who, like Jean, is a foundation board member. A $31,200 rent payment was also made in 2007 to Platinum Sound ... The recording studio also was paid $100,000 in 2006 for the "musical performance services of Wyclef Jean at a benefit concert." The return, of course, does not address why Jean needed to be paid to perform at his own charity's fundraiser. But the largest 2006 payout--a whopping $250,000--went to Telemax, S.A., a for-profit Haiti company in which Jean and Duplessis were said to "own a controlling interest."

The Better Business Bureau, based in Arlington, Virginia, is also looking into Yele Haiti: In 2007, the foundation's spending exceeded its revenues by $411,000. It brought in just $79,000 that year. "It's questionable. There's no way to get around that," said Art Taylor, president and chief executive of the Better Business Bureau's Wise Giving Alliance.

In the above video, the singer denounces the reports and explains that charities have operating expenses, like other organizations. He doesn't deny any specific aspects of The Smoking Gun's report, though he does address why Yele Haiti didn't file tax returns for a few years. Let's hope a more detailed explanation is forthcoming and Wyclef is not in real big trouble. In the meantime, people still need help.


Saturday, January 09, 2010

Son of Bazerk Spring into Comeback

That Son of Bazerk reunion I've been blogging about? It's real. Bazerk, Daddy Raw, Half Pint and
Almighty Jahwell have been in the studio with P.E. sound provider Johnny Juice and have set a March 2010 release date.

"We are about 10 songs deep," Juice said in a post on a fairly reputable web site. " It's like if they never left."