Sunday, January 31, 2010

Chuck D Assembles Rappers for Hati Project

Public Enemy frontman Chuck D pulled together some of the artists from his Slam Jamz label, along with Son of Bazerk, to produce a album called KOMBIT pou HAITI (“coming together for the good of Haiti”).

The idea for the album was conceived in the hours after the disaster. “I think that in this age of technology and communication we can come together with extraordinary urgency to address an emergency like this,” said Chuck D. “Since many cannot be there to physically help, the gift of music is something that realized we can give for fundraising efforts." Proceeds from the sale of KOMBIT pou HAITI benefit the Lambi Fund of Haiti, an organization dedicated to helping Haitian communities rebuild and recover through building economic community enterprises.

Here's a track listing:
1. This Bit of Earth Mistachuck featuring Kyle Jason and DJ Johnny Juice Rosado 2. Help Is On The Way Heet Mob 3. Knockin' On The Lord's Hi-Coup 4. Find My Way Home Kyle Jason 5. Faith Dontique 6. La Misere Lowdown 7. Why Y'all Wanna Kill GOD? Professor Griff featuring The Seventh Octave 8. Raise Up Son of Bazerk 9. Candela Pa'lo Monte


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