Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Check out the Phifer

Former Tribe Called Quest member Phife is respectful and polite in this 1999 discussion about the dissolution of one of hip-hop's greatest groups. But by the time he finished his solo debut, the five footer was singing a different tune about one of his former bandmates. He mocked Q-Tip's new look in his video for "Flawless," rocking an afro wig and purple bandanna for comic effect. If that wasn't enough, the lyrics included jabs at the group's former frontman: "Sing ballads if it's all about the Maxwell look ... Or a purple bandanna cause it matches your shawl?/Now tell me, what you rhymin' for?/This shit is all about flows, fuck a fashion show." If he felt that the commercial curve Tip's solo work took was tarnishing their legacy as a solid hip-hop crew, it would certainly be a valid concern.

Phife, after his lukewarm first release, faded away from the hip hop scene for awhile. He recently made news when he recovered from a kidney-related ailment and when the crew was honored by VH-1. In addition, he's featured on a mixtape tribute to De La Soul, which can be had here, and he video blogs over here.


Anonymous said...

thanks 4 the link Craig u know i love some de la we going to win all the money

Craig Belcher said...

You're welcome, whoever you are. Good luck on the game show.