Wednesday, November 25, 2009

DJ Peachez, Richmond DJ, Dies

Terika Grooms, aka DJ Peachez died at an area hospital today after a brief illness. I'm not the target audience for contemporary urban radio, so I had no idea who she was until recently, when I heard she was sick via facebook updates from a friend yesterday. You can learn about her life at

DJ Peachez was born in Lynchburg, Va and spent her childhood in Amherst, VA. Her parents were unable to take care of her, so her paternal grandparents became her guardians. Even though her grandparents cared for her, her parents were an important part of her life. Overall, her childhood was happy, but there were several hardships and tragedies. At age 7, an electrical fire destroyed her home and all of her possessions. At age 12, her father passed away, and later, her grandmother passed away 3 weeks before her high school graduation. Despite all of these obstacles, she graduated from high school with a 3.9 GPA and became to first in her family to go to college. She graduated from James Madison University with a BBA in Marketing and a Minor in Music Industry.

She was a mix DJ at WCDX and had bigger plans.

All of her life, she has dared to dream big, and her goal is to become a business mogul and philanthropist. She wants to become internationally known as a DJ and talk to youth and young adults about the importance of education. In addition, she wants major sponsorships and product endorsements and eventually start a marketing consulting company. Later on during her lifetime, she would like to earn a Ph. D. and possibly teach at a university.

Rest In Peace, DJ Peachez.

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cvillestandupcomedy said...

I was somewhat of a mentor to her for a while. She had a great spirit and definitely had dreams. She wanted to move to NY after JMU but I recall she telling me that her aunt did not want her to go so she didn't. Others thought the city would swallow her alive. Maybe so but I wish she would had tried it. She was considering NYU for grad.