Thursday, December 24, 2009

South Richmond Rapper, Mike Ezie, Dies

Police are still withholding the name of local rapper killed in a recording studio last night. But sources say the victim was known as "Mike Ezie," a member of a collective of emcees known at the "Young Richmond Outcasts." Their songs include "Weirdo Stank," "Let the Cops Know Everything," and "My Buddy and Me." The group, which consists of ChiChi the Kid, Heir Borne, Jwrek, Jaesen K, Jay Dash, Real and Mike Ezie, incorporated the logo and spelling from the Atlanta rap duo, "Outkast."

One of his relatives spoke to the Richmond Times Dispatch: "This building was his life," White said on a snow-covered street outside Glenncroft. "He lived a superstar life right here in his own town. He didn't need Hollywood -- he had Hollywood right here."

The clips for "Boogie" and "By Myself," follow.

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