Thursday, December 28, 2006

Employee of the Month

I have wavered off course lately. Posting up the least embarrassing moments from my ill-fated television show has been very cathartic, but that's not all this project is about. (Read the subtitle.) So, back to program.

It may have been around the end of '92 when things started to work. The show was hot. We had the newest videos from all the majors, hung with coolest rappers when they came through, free music and t-shirts, a ridiculous nickname for myself (Dr.'s Note: Patient referred to himself as The Fly Pilot of the Airwaves.) and some street cred. People knew us when we went out. My ego started to swell, but not enough that I could actually notice. But it was there, I am told.

One day I was picking up my mail from this check cashing joint, when I heard someone speak behind me.

"Hey, man. I know you."

I looked at him dead-on. I wasn't going to tell him my name, he was. I waited for him to get it together.

"I know you from somewhere ..."

C'mon, you can do it.

"I know where I know you from! You work at Burlington Coat Factory!"

Damn. My night job had come back to haunt me in the afternoon.


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