Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Kings and I

Whenever I'm asked, "So, what kind of guests did you have on your little show?" The first group I name is Run DMC. It wasn't my best or favorite interview, but it lets people know what level we were operating on. The Kings of Rock were the verge of a major comeback when we interviewed them in the meeting room of the Holiday Inn back in 1993.

The video for "Down with King," was scorching television screens with more cameos than "Who's The Man?" and beats and lyrics from Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth. It wasn't just a new sound that was clearly evident. The band hand changed. DMC had sworn off alcohol, Run was rumored to be taking religon very seriously. Gone were the gold chains, the Gazelles and the godfather hats that exemplified their image. With their shaved heads, dark clothing and wooden crosses, they looked like rap monks. If only today's acts had half of their conviction.

Jam Master Jay was at soundcheck during the interview. He and the Hollis crew put on a stunning show that night. JMJ R.I.P

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