Thursday, May 17, 2007

Queens Get the Money

There was barely a buzz on Mobb Deep when they appeared on Wavelength. It was more like a hum. The group was known for their DJ Premier-produced single "Peer Pressure," off their first album. It was known that they were now producing themselves and everybody was waiting to see what they could do. Their second album, "The Infamous," was worth the wait. The duo established themselves as a benchmark for "keeping it real," and were the first to use the phrase on Wavelength.

As soon as the Queensbridge duo stepped into the Phono Booth, everybody wanted to know if what they had heard for years was true. Was Prodigy really the cousin of a local music producer? The producer's name kept coming up, the duo met each mention with implicit denials. It was explained later that they weren't exactly sure who everybody was talking about, and they weren't about to align themselves with someone whom they might not know. "Shook Ones" they weren't about to be. (Later, the claims were proven when Prodigy guested on a demo he produced.)

Prodigy's cousin, Diallo is still waitin' for a shot a remix.


TV Star! said...

It's always nice to see "celebrities" in their humble beginnings - although it doesn't look like much has really changed for Mobb Deep. And I don't mean that in a good or bad way. It just seems like they have remained true to who they are (whoever that is) and haven't really been overly affected by the industry. Of course all of this could be totally untrue as I don't know them personally nor have a seriously listened to any rap post the death of do I know? Nonetheless this was an intriguing interview that really codifies The Wavelength's position in the hidden yet vital places of hip hop history.

TV Star! said...

I forgot to mention 2 things...

1/ To the "Fly Pilot": I'm going to need you to have the glasses on or off. Make a decision.

2/The best part of the interview was when 1/2 of Mobb Depp used the term "tight phat" (or was I hearing things...?)