Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Industry Made 'em Do It.

After a couple of ill-received efforts that had some fans asking, "Are We Done Yet?,"Ice Cube has apparently resumed his rap career. He's back with a street song about culture commentators who hold gangsta rap music responsible for airthang that's wrong in America. He used some of that movie star money lens a provocative video, making use of graphic news clips coupled with stripped down performance scenes.

Maybe that's the new formula for aging rappers. Download some stock footage, rap in front of an empty background and drop it on the youtubes. Seems to be working for the guy in the post below. Don't let me see Father MC next week, rhyming in front of posterboard with clips from the evening news thrown in. It's too early in the year for that type of sh•t.

But wait. O'shea isn't just ripping critics. He ends "Gangstar Rap Made Me Do It," with a diss to rappers who appear to talk shows to discuss gangsta rap, but aren't gangsta rappers themselves. When he delivers this coda, clips of Oprah Winfrey appear on the screen. Now, who did Oprah have on her show about gangsta rap ... oh, yeah. Common. O'Shea, maybe you forgot, but you don't want it with this guy - again. If Lonnie Lynn gets wind of this, it won't be all peace, love and Gap. Hope you still have the minster on speed dial.

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AC FRESH said...

I'm glad Ice Cube is bringing that conscience back to his raps. Thanks for posting the video.