Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Arrogant Voices of Musical Truth Speak

After the demise of their smart and critical hip hop magazine, the brilliant minds behind Ego Trip didn't stop churning out controversial and provocative ideas. They published two excellent books, "The Book of Rap Lists," and the essential "Big Book of Racism." Later, the content from the latter publication led to a VH-1 show called "Race O Rama," a show that twisted the channel's typical rehashes of the past with insight from rap artists mixed with informative content.

The crew then jumped on the reality show bandwagon, tapping MC Serch for "The White Rapper Show," and partnering him with Yo-Yo for "Miss Rap Supreme."For the most part, the collective have let their work speak for itself. Recently, however, they sat down with Jesse Thorn of The Sound of Young America, and offered insight into the process behind their creative and compelling productions. Listen in below.

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