Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Planet Rock

Watching this old clip reminds me of one of things I miss about the good ol' days. Free T-shirts. Those oversized cotton promotional short-sleeves that came in the mail made my fashion decisions simple and showed everyone how hip I thought I was. But as the game changed and video shows didn't rate like they used to, the free shirts were the first perks to go. I still have a few in storage, but I had totally forgotten about this light blue number with the serpent-like design. It was soft and comfortable like a child's blanket. Ahhhh.

If you guessed by my digression that I wasn't a fan of this particular artist featured above, you're right. Digable Planets were a little too derivative for my tastes. I may have bobbed my head to "Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)," but their work never moved me like the pioneering rap groups they borrowed their style from. Now this is purely my critical observation, based on my recollection of their sound and what was happening in hip hop back then. It has nothing to do with Lady Bug Mecca looking me dead in the eye in 1993 and saying nothing after I said hello to her before a Richmond concert. That incident is totally unrelated and nearly forgotten.

Did I mention I was wearing a Digable Planets t-shirt at the time?

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JC said...

Nice Interview CraigStarr!

I couldnt help bob my head to the "times up" and "next level" in the background.