Tuesday, October 28, 2008

MTV remembers what the "M" was for

MTV recently soft launched MTVMusic.com, which gives users access to a sizable portion of the network's video vault. This isn't as revolutionary as it would've been before sites like youtube took hold, but with copyright holders becoming more vigilant, this may become the only place you can search for a Prince's "America" video and actually find it. And be reasonably certain that it will still be there a week from now.

The site is easy to navigate and has over 20,000 videos. Most of the big names are there, which have become hard to find on video-sharing sites, regularly perused by the copyright police. I haven't had the time to thoroughly search for rarer rap clips, but I'm sure the archive will be expanding soon. So until I can see some Yomo & Maulkie or Yaggfu Front clips, I'll reminisce with videos like this from The Pharcyde.

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FormerVideoPromoter said...

20,000 clips?

I think to really make MTV’s new website stand out from YouTube, would be to include every music video clip that has ever aired on the cable channel. Just a quick search on some my favorite videos came up empty.

Super Cat “Dolly My baby”
Steady B “Serious”
Dana Dane “This Be the Def Beat”
Doug E. Fresh “D.E.F.”
Gang Starr “Just to Get a Rep”

From what I’ve read about this new site, more videos will be added daily. On the positive side, since MTV has all the original tapes in their library, the videos will display and sound better (no generation loss of video or audio), then somebody uploading the clip from a grainy copy. However for now, I’ll still have to go to YouTube to watch the above mentioned clips and many more I couldn’t find.