Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bombing The Sound

Back when indie rap lable Rawkus was flush with street cred and Fox, Inc. cash, I talked them into flying me to New York for the Soundbombing 2 release party/concert. They booked us on a small plane that left me and my partner DJ Reese shook ones. Our ride back would also be ... problematic.

DJ Reese was on the radio back then and had better connects than I did. While I could only swing airfare from the record company, he had a hotel room and some other perks. But when he said there would be a man with a card with his name on it waiting for us at the airport, I didn't believe him. Sure enough, when we got off the plane, we didn't see the man or the card. Resse made a call (I remember it was from a pay phone. Damn, this is an old story.) and within a few minutes a man with a card appeared and took us to a ... limousine.

Reese and I were like Arnold and Willis Jackson in that ride, rolling the windows up and down, taking pictures and (watch out 'deah now) talking on the car phone. Could it get any better than this?

More about this trip later. Above is some of the footage from the concert, featuring Sadat X and Common doing "1-9-9-9."[


Anonymous said...

DOPE !!!

I played that cd till it broke

tnx for this
Looking forward for more footage of that night

Heavy B

Craig Belcher said...

Thanks Heavy. It's coming soon.