Saturday, March 06, 2010

What's Really Going On with Guru?

The news that legendary rapper Guru of Gangstarr lay in coma in a New York hospital last week was shocking. As the story unfolded days later, it got stranger and stranger.

In addition to being a substandard producer, Solar, Guru's friend and business partner appears to be as shady as a lady in a mustache. He's reportedly barred some of Guru's family members from seeing him and issuing statements in his name. Recently he's taken to twitter, where "Guru" has been leaving tweets very similar in syntax and content to Solar's own comments. He issued a press release with quotes from Guru that just don't sound right. There have been some other unusual developments as well.

Statik Selektah raises some important issues in this video.

Pray for Guru.

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Machiventa said...

this whole thing is just crazy. I'm not so sure this Solar cat is trustworthy.