Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Black Eyed Baptist

Years ago, a young man came to the campus newspaper I edited in Richmond, Va. and pretended to be a journalist. I had my suspicions about his motives, but I needed help so bad I couldn't afford to picky. Besides, how dangerous could a guy wearing sandals and wishing everyone "peace and blessings" be? He would later admit he posed as music journalist to meet other musicians, a ruse that eventually paid off.

While waiting around for an Outkast interview, the artist now known as Jean Baptiste struck up conversation with Will.I.Am and they stayed in touch over the years. After the Roots-style hip hop band he led disbanded, Baptiste headed to he left coast and went to work with Will, doing music production. The above clip features Jean on vocals along with Kelis, whose new album features his work. The clip underneath is the stuff he used to do while trying to make a name for himself in Richmond and Philadelphia.

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