Monday, August 09, 2010

Trey Songz Show Tanks on BET

A month ago, former music industry executive Kevin Liles was on a roll. The former Def Jam records president received the "Medaille de la Ville de Paris," for hip-hop's cultural contributions to the French capital on July 8. A few days later, he wed a fairly attractive woman named Erika Jones in Birmingham, Liles has had a lot of success in his life, (and you can too, if you buy this.), but I would think that first week of July will have to be one of his best ever. Congrats, Kevin. But it's August now, so don't expect it to be as hot as July.

Liles, who at a low point in his career regularly returned my phone calls, left his record company days behind him and is now the manager of Virginia singer Trey Songz. The popular R&B artist, born Tremaine Aldon Neverson, has a reality show called "My Moment," on BET. The show recently received a unique distinction, as the lowest rated show on cable televison on Aug. 4., according to That's a staggering feat, when one considers just how many cable channels there are. It's doubly bad news for Liles, who was planning other reality show projects.

Like most of America, I haven't seen the show and probably never will. So if you have witnessed this historic program, please let us know. What when wrong with Songz?

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