Monday, February 23, 2009

She's a Lady

Lady Sovereign - So Human

After her on-stage meltdown in 2007, I thought pint-sized UK rapper Lady Sovereign was down for the count. The young spitter showed promise on her Def Jam debut, "Public Warning," with songs like "Those Were the Days." But things fell apart as she complained about being broke, the United States and not wanting to perform at a show in New York. Instead of leaving the stage, she stood there while the people who paid to see her rap watched her unravel. (The video has been removed from the youtubes by the people who do such things.) She managed to collect herself enough to continue the tour, but was off the radar for much of 2008.

Since Lily Allen seems to have given up rapping, the white girl lane in hip-hop is clear and the "SOV" is back. I kinda like it.

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