Sunday, April 05, 2009

Kings in the Hall

If you read DMC's account of his days with Run and Jam Master Jay, you probably remembered how it all ended. Shortly after the death of Jam Master Jay, Run announced the end of the group at a press conference. This was news to hip hop fans around the globe and to DMC, as Run hadn't informed him of his plans until that moment. Since then, there have been reports that their relationship has been cordial but icy, as they only communicate via text message regarding business matters.

It wasn't Eminem's awkward induction speech that had me on the verge of tears this morning, but seeing Daryl and Joseph exchange friendly glances and a genuine embrace before walking on stage. It may never be the same between them and we may never see RUN-Dmc rock another crowd, but at least for last night they were friends again.


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