Monday, April 13, 2009

The Chain and the Star

It didn't take long for rap veterans Guru and DJ Premier to gauge that former Wavelength host Yasmine wasn't well-versed on their career. The duo takes over this 2003 interview, tag-teaming on talking points, which means this interview is probably like many they did that day, but who cares? It's Gangstarr.

After the "The Ownerz," the album that duo is shelling in this interview, Gangstarr broke up and nobody really knows why. I can't put my finger on it, but some ingredient that was in there other albums just wasn't there on the last one. I love their other music so much that I wondered if, perhaps, the problem was on my end. After repeated listens, I officially cleared myself. If a reunion is going to bring more music like that, maybe I can learn to live in world without a new Gangstarr album.

The status of the duo's relationship was the subject of April Fool's Day cartoon, which would've been funnier if it didn't ring so true.

This was the group's first time meeting Yasmine, but their second appearance on Wavelength. You can read a transcript of that interview here and there.

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