Friday, July 24, 2009

The Not So Fast and Furious

Ice Cube starred in "Torque," a box office bomb that borrowed heavily from the hugely successful "The Fast and Furious." Both movies feature rappers-turnt-actors in major roles and have the characters head for Mexico when things get tough. It shouldn't come as a surprise that Neal H. Moritz, produced both films.

Fortunately I never had to suffer through this flick. Former Wavelength host Yasmine Weaver was flown to Los Angeles back in 2004 to see a preview of the film and meet the people who should be held partly responsible for it's lack of merit.

Cube was so irrelavant as a rap artist at this time, Yaz doesn't even bother to bring it up. She does mention a shot to the face he took on the set of the film, which finally gets the stone-faced O'Shea Jackson to loosen up a bit.

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