Thursday, July 02, 2009

So We Can Rock Forever

The death of Micheal Jackson has been hard to process. Like all seventies babies, I haven't lived in world without Mike and his sudden death has me a little shook. I've found some comfort remembering what comedian Lucille Ball's daughter said after her mother died.

Lucie Arnaz said that for fans of her mother's work on radio,television and films, her mother wasn't dead. She would continue to be there for them the way she always had and they could enjoy her jokes and pratfalls forever. Death wouldn't change the wacky readhead's relationship with her fans. While she had lost a mother, the people who appreciated her mother's artistry hadn't lost anything. They still had their Lucy.

If Micheal Jackson were alive, it's unlikely that we would've seen him complete those 50 show. It's also unlikely that we would've heard any new music from the King of Hype anytime soon. Micheal Jackson hadn't followed up the unlistenable "Invincible," 8 years after its release and had no record deal at the time of his death. He wasn't coming with anything but promises.

Now that Micheal is gone, we can reflect on his legacy and finally hear some of the music that has been locked away for years. An expert on the marketing of dead celebrities suggest that Micheal Jackson may be worth more than Elvis. He added that MJ may become the most profitable fallen star of all time, surpassing the current leader, Lucille Ball.

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